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Vermont Green Mini Tennis Balls - A Bucket of 60, includes Free Shipping

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  • FOR AGES 9 & 10 - Then final stage of mini tennis, the green phase is where regular tennis comes within touching distance. The only major difference between the two is the ball and with this Vermont Mini Tennis Green Ball in your armoury, you'll be sure to make the transition to regular tennis a smooth one for your young tennis stars.
  • ITF APPROVED - This is the perfect tennis ball for mini green tennis training and competitive tournaments. It's consistent bounce and expert playing characteristics has led to international approval from tennis' world governing body, the ITF.
  • 75% COMPRESSION - The most compressed ball out of the mini tennis range, the Vermont Mini Green Tennis ball is the liveliest of the three. Exactly the same size as a regular tennis ball, this mini green ball is still slightly softer and slower through the air, helping players with their development by giving them more time to recover in between shots.
  • MULTI-SURFACE BALL - Unlike other tennis balls, the Vermont mini green ball doesn't just limit its expert performances to just one playing surface. Specially designed so your youngsters can test their skills across all court types, this ball will continue to deliver outstanding results, time and time again.
  • 60-BALL BUCKET - Coming as a 60-ball capacity bucket, you'll be sure to never be short of high-quality tennis balls with this in your tennis set-up. As well as providing excellent tennis balls for you to play with in bulk, the bucket also includes a handle and a lid, which aids transportation expertly well and ensures the balls remain safe and secure when not being used.

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