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The Art of Doubles - Tennis Education Course

The Art of Doubles - Tennis Education Course


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‘Mastering Doubles is the Art of Communicating with a resolve to help your Partner make it through their Struggles.’

There’s an art to playing doubles. Two highly skilled singles players can easily lose to a couple of less skilled experienced doubles players. Why? Because they know where to be on the court, to work as a team, to cover angles and where to hit shots effectively. This Course covers… (Progressive tips to master the doubles court) This course lays out the fundamentals of good doubles play. How best to communicate, where to stand and what your job is in the basic doubles set up. This course also covers… (Advanced Doubles Tactics and Drills) This course takes you through the best tactical plays from the many positions you will find yourself in when playing good doubles. It includes intercepting, crossing, the Aussie and Tandem formations plus winning tactics used by the top doubles teams.

  • This MTI Tennis Course is worth 6 LTA Coach Education Credits
  • These courses are held at:  David Lloyd Enfield, Carterhatch Lane, Middlesex, EN1 4LF
  • The course starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3.00pm (food and beverage not included)
  • Course notes are emailed to you after the course
  • Course Tutor emails the course details to you a few days prior to the day 
  • PLEASE NOTE: MTI reserve the right to cancel the course if numbers are insufficient. Full refunds or credit notes awarded if needed.
The Art of Doubles MTI Tennis Education Course

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