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MTI Membership Bronze, Silver and Gold for Players and Coaches

Take a good look at the following incredible benefits…

Massive Discounts on All Tennis Equipment and Resources

You will receive discounts on high quality equipment which is already at a price lower than other leading online stockists.

For example;

A tub of 36 mini red balls costs £45(with FREE delivery).

MTI Bronze and Silver Members would only pay £42.75 (with FREE delivery)

MTI Gold Members would only pay £40.50 (with FREE delivery)

All your practice session needs are taken care of…mini tennis equipment, yellow balls, nets, racquets plus much more…with more products being added all the time. MTI use Vermont balls on all their CPD courses.

Free Access to TennisiPro worth £59.88

The invaluable player/coach platform designed to improve players’ performances and ultimately win more singles and doubles matches.

Whilst practising, most recreational players purely focus on perfecting their strokes, but developing great shot technique is only part of their journey to success.

To become a great tennis player, you must have a superb tactical instinct. To achieve this, you must construct points with patterns of play that are not only best suited to you, but that also prove effective against your opponents.

Success in tennis, is not just about the physical and technical aspects, it’s also a battle of minds like a game of chess, knowing when and how to attack and to defend. There’s no point having great shots if you hit them randomly to all the wrong places without an instinctive tactical plan.

So, what are these patterns? How do you practice them effectively on court? Which skills will you need to develop first?

TENNISiPro brings the answers straight to your smartphone or tablet by not only offering a platform packed with pattern of play drills as used by the top ATP and WTA players, but also the core drills and shot techniques you will need to develop first. 

It’s so simple! …Just choose a tactical pattern.  Then watch a video of this pattern in action before following a step by step practice plan of how to rehearse until it feels instinctive.

You’ll soon be adding this pattern to your game.

By rehearsing these patterns again and again and again. You will learn when to attack with your favourite big weapons as well as knowing how and when to defend which is equally important.

You will become more tactically aware and instinctively recognise each pattern as it happens during a point. Your performance and confidence will skyrocket.

Lastly, your practice sessions will be more enjoyable because now they will be more measurable, challenging, varied, competitive and above all relevant to real tennis points.

MTI Bronze Members receive partial access to TennisiPro

MTI Silver and Gold Members receive full access TennisiPro

To summarise. Silver MTI Members would receive full access to this fantastic player/coach education platform worth £59.88 per year plus 5% discount on all equipment and accessories saving a lot of money over the year, all for just £3.99 per month. 


MTI CPD Courses

You will save yourself a lot of money by joining the MTI Gold Membership.

If you need annual LTA Coach credits then do the maths...

3 CPD courses can cost you around £177

MTI Gold Membership is £127 and gives you 3 courses a year... plus a load more benefits

This saves you £50 on courses straight away!

And you also get a 10% discount off the high-quality tennis balls and equipment in our online shop... this discount makes our equipment amongst the best value available online

Plus you get Free annual TENNISiPro membership worth £59.88

The MTI Method Coaching PackPlus Free download of the The MTI Coaching Pack worth £97

Just imagine handing every student you teach (whether in a group or individual lesson),  a progress sheet of the step by step goals they need to improve their tennis. Then having a series of step by step lesson plans to help you to help your player achieve these goals on their progress sheets.

More Free access to The MTI Online Diploma worth £55

The MTI Method Diploma CourseQualify as an MTI Method Coach - This deep learning course will show you how to teach tennis using the MTI Method. The MTI Method is an accelerated way of teaching tennis. It helps new players to enjoy the game in double quick time.

These bonuses alone add up to £211.88!!!

If you add the course costs of £177 to the bonus costs £211.88, the MTI Gold Membership is worth £388.88,

but it’s all yours for just £127!

Here is a breakdown of each MTI Membership showing the respective benefits. You can join right now.