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About Us

The MTI Mind Map

Modern Tennis International (MTI) are Tennis Education company that have the following goals; 

  • To make the wider population aware that tennis is actually an easy game to play and learn. 
  • To help players at every level of their journey improve quickly and effectively.
  • To show parents how to teach and help their own children improve rapidly. 
  • To give tennis coaches all the tools they need to help their students reach their potential. 
  • To help schools deliver tennis to their children in an easy step by step programme.
  • To help make tennis a mass participation sport. 

Co- Founders Andrew Magrath and John Littleford...

Andy and John have over 50 years of tennis playing and coaching experience between them. 

MTI was founded by John and Andy with the sole purpose of improving participation in the wonderful game of tennis.

They researched and produced a teaching system called 'The MTI Method' that was so effective in the teaching and playing of tennis that the game had become open to nearly everyone because it was now so easy to learn.

Not only that, but players with good hand eye coordination were able to accelerate their improvement and gain true confidence within minutes of learning them. 

Unfortunately this is not so with the traditional methods currently used.

This programme has helped John and Andy to play some of their best tennis too... even at their advanced ages.

Miracles do happen!