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Winder Handle Only | Choose Large Square and Round Winder or Small Square Winder

High-quality brass Winder Handles for Square & Round Winders. Small & Large sized handles available.

Our replacement style handles are talior-made for connecting to tennis post winder mechanisms.

Once connected to the winder mechanism, it provides complete reel control over the tennis net's headline wire for smooth tightening & loosening of a tennis net.

The Hole on the handle is 10mm square - fitting a 10mm square insert / pattern on an existing brass winder.

Made from high quality brass, the practical & professional finish recalls a traditional style of Grand Slam tournaments old. It's brass finish also bestows a substantial lifespan to the winder handle, easily capable of enduring years of usage both indoor & outdoor,

A fixing screw is included for ensuring your selected handle is securely fitted to a winder mechanism.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is the HANDLE ONLY for the brass winder, not the entire mechanism.


  • Material: Made from high quality brass guaranteed to last
  • 10mm square pattern handle
  • Fixing screws included
  • Handle option for large square and round winder
  • Handle option for small square with screw



  • PLEASE NOTE: This product is the HANDLE ONLY for the brass winder, not the entire mechanism.

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